Organising Schools

From 2015/16 school year to 2022/23 school year, partner schools will each organise at least three IT activities every school year for the school community. In addition, OGCIO will also invite other interested schools to organise IT activities for secondary students in order to enrich IT learning outside the school curriculum, to provide more opportunities for students to apply IT knowledge, and to cultivate creativity through IT or related activities.

2015/16 Enriched IT Activities Programme

OGCIO issued Request for Proposals on 15 December 2015 to invite all government, aided and caput secondary schools, and local secondary schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme to apply for participation in the Enriched IT Activities Programme to design and organise IT activities for secondary students from March 2016 to December 2016 with an aim to foster a pro-IT atmosphere and stimulate interest in IT in the school community.

OGCIO has completed the selection process in March 2016 in accordance with the criteria set out in the Request for Proposals document. 85 secondary schools are selected to organise the 2015/16 Enriched IT Activities Programme. For information of the 85 participating schools, please read the list of participating schools for organising 2015/16 Enriched IT Activities Programme.