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Welcome to massive open online courses (MOOC)!

MOOC is a feature of EITP portal for self-learning of IT class courses by interested students. It enables students to learn at their own pace. Interested students may register for an account via school teachers to enjoy the courses. With a registered account, students will be able to re-start at the point they last finished, check how much they have completed, receive notice on new courses available and participate in discussion forum of respective MOOC courses.

Course catalogue
Category: Robotics(機械人)

How to make a biped robot and program it to dance(如何製造和控制一個兩足機械人跳舞)

Contributed by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong, Christian Alliance SW Chan Memorial College and Tin Ka Ping Secondary School(由香港大學電腦系、宣道會陳朱素華紀念中學及田家炳中學提供)

This course aims to introduce the basics concepts of robotics via building a robot with 3D printed parts and develop simple program with App Inventor to control its movement with smart-phone.  The course material is adopted mainly from a "Workshop on smart-phone controlled 3D printed robot making" held at the University of Hong Kong on 5 November 2016.(本課程旨在通過使用3D打印部件構建的機械人來介紹機械人的基本概念,並使用App Inventor開發的簡單程序,通過智能手機控制其活動。 課程材料主要採用於2016年11月5日在香港大學舉行的“以智能手機控制的3D打印機械人製作班”。)



Category: Digital Games(數碼遊戲)

How to use "Game Factory" to create a shooting game(如何利用Game Factory製作射擊遊戲)

How to use "Game Factory" to create a shooting game(如何利用Game Factory製作射擊遊戲)