Event Calendar

STEM mBot Robot Automobile Competiton

STEM mBot Robot Workshop

3D Printing Workshop

mBot Makeblock robotic training course

STEM mBot Robot Automobile Competiton

Lego EV3 Robot training course






Winning robots exhibition

On-site training on Robotics coding

Robotics coding in junior form computing curriculum

WRO Space Challenge Competition

Robotics Intelligence DIY 2016

RIDIY 2016 Activity Workshop 2

2015-2016 Language fun fair

RIDIY 2016 Activity Workshop 1

Aerial Photography hand on practice

Introduction to Aerial Photography

3-D Animation Course

2-D Animation Course

Digital Painting Course

Competition and Apps presentations

Developing apps in Android Studio

Designing Android Apps using MIT App Inventor

Introduction to mobile computing environment

Robot Short Course - Arduino Training Program

Innovative IT Activities Programme towards 3D printing and Augmented Reality (AR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

2D & 3D Anime Design Training Program and 3D Digital Art Training Program

Web App with Cloud Data

Arduino coding and 3D printing workshop

Digital Art Training Program: Microsoft Expression Design

2015-2016 Robotics

Sharing session and workshop

Outdoor training session

Learning community building workshop

Electronic materials and publications design workshop

Mobile application development and programming training course

Construct 2 Mobile App Development Class

SAC Mobile App Development Class

Product Design Workshop for Smart Home Applications

Aerial photography day (Outing and Workshop )

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

2015-2016 STEM summer camp

Android Interactive Creations

2015-2016 Exploring Robotics

Mini Quadcopter Production Workshop

2015-2016 IT Robotic Workshop

Enriched IT Activities Programme 2016

Scratch Your Learning Competition Project Exhibition and Award Presentation

Scratch Your Learning Competition SCRATCH Programming Workshop (3)

Scratch Your Learning Competition SCRATCH Programming Workshop (2)

Scratch Your Learning Competition SCRATCH Programming Workshop (1)

Scratch Your Learning Copetition Computer Game Design Workshop

Developing aspiration of IT innovation through training in IoT technology and STEM skills and joint-school competition

Mobile Apps Development Course

lego Robotic Training Class

Micro robot development course

mBot Competition (STEM in mBot)

mBot Workshop (STEM in mBot)

3D Stop Motion Workshop

3D Inside Out

1st EITP Briefing Session & Course Demonstration

Unity Game Development Course

App Inventor 2 short courses

Scratch students’ work Exhibition & Workshop Showroom in School annual Fun Fair

YouthSpark Day Camp

Visit to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Innovation Lab

Visit to City University

Professor Gary Antonick from Stanford University on Digital Design and Creativity in SPCS EITP classes.

Hour of Code

3D design and 3D printing workshop

STEM Learning Fair 2016

Animation design workshop for Chinese History

AR Advanced Programme

AR Experience Programme

Minecraft Innovation Training Class

3D Printing Workshop

Half-day trip to Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks



Use hand gesture control robot 3

Use hand gesture control robot 2

Use hand gesture control robot 1

Use Kinect control robot 3

Use Kinect control robot 2

Use Kinect control robot 1

Use Scratch control robot 3

Use Scratch control robot 2

Use Scratch control robot 1

Induction to Technology

IoT-based 3D product design workshop

2015-2016 IT Activity Workshop

2015-2016 MBOT Training Workshop

Aerial Photography Introduction & Experience

Expression digital drawing course

Mobile Apps Development Applied Learning Course

Mobile Application Development and Robotic Exploration – Arduino Training Program

Lego Robotics Competition Workshop

2015-16 IT and STEAM Education Experience Day

2016-2017 IT Activity Briefing

VR Workshop(II)

2016-2017 IT Activity Briefing

VR Workshop(I)

2015-2016 IT Activity Briefing

2015-2016 IT Activity Briefing

Robotic workshop

3D Design worshop

2015-16 (Phase II) 3D Animation Design

2015-16 (Phase I) 2D Animation Design

Training Course for Smart Home Maker

2015-2016 mbot Workshop

Workshop for Robotics and 3D Printing

2015-2016 STEAM Maker Training Program

3D STEAM Project

Quadcopters training Program and Aerial photography day (Talk and Workshop)

Quadcopter Assembly Training Program

2015-2016 IT Activity Workshop

Apps Design Training Course

2016-2017 3D Digital Course

2015-2016 2D Digital Course

2015-2016 Digital Drawing Course

2015-16 STMC Innovative IT and STEM Activities Programme towards robotics and smart fabrics

Aerial Shooting (Advanced)

Aerial Shooting (Advanced)

Aerial Shooting (Basic)

Aerial Shooting (Basic)

Aerial Shooting (Seminar and Workshop)

Aerial photography day

Quadcopters training Program

Automation, the Internet of Things and their applications in real life

Quadcopter Making Course - Part II

Quadcopter Making Course - Part I

Aerial Photography Talk

Aerial Photography Workshop

Innovative IT Activities Programme towards 3D printing